The Pattison Trophy 2023-24


First Round, Tuesday 14th November, 2023  at 1:30pm

Dundee Ice Arena

Team Score   Team Score
Pitkerro 8 VS Balruddery 4



Semi-final, Tuesday 16th January 2024 at 1:30pm

Dundee Ice Arena

Team Score   Team Score
Panmure 6 vs Lundie & Auchterhouse 5
Pitkerro 10 vs University of Dundee 7


Final, Tuesday 8th February 2024 at 1:30pm

Dundee Ice Arena

Team Score   Team Score
Panmure 5 vs Pitkerro 8



Winners 2024




1.The three winning rinks and the lucky loser in the first round will go through to the semi-final. The lucky loser will be determined by ends won, shot difference and total shots. The semi-final and final draws will be notified as soon as possible.

2.All players must be RCCC registered by their club. An unregistered player causes the team to be disqualified.

3. All games will be 8 ends or the bell including the final.

4. The 5 stone Free Guard Zone will be in play.

5. Ties will be decided by an extra end.

6. Players can only play for one club in this competition. The teams proceeding to the semi-final and final of this competition should be the same as in the first round.

7. Two substitutes are allowed for each team.

8. Substitutes cannot have played for another club in this competition.

9. Late arrival will be penalised 1 shot for each 5 minutes up to a maximum of 6 shots. The game is to be started on time. After 30 minutes the three handed rule applies.

10. Three handed rinks. The defaulting rink’s opposition will be given 6 penalty shots. The game is to be played and started on time.

11. All teams must complete the score cards in full including names & skips’ signatures.

12. Score cards will be collected by the Province representative after the game