There was no Office Bearers Competition ran this year due to the lack of Gateway Club members




There will be a free buffet after the game in the upstairs bar of the Ice Rink.



Team  Score  Points  Shots Up  Shots  Ends  Position 


1. Teams will consist of 2 Office Bearers, 1 Junior Club member and 1 Virtual Club member.
2. The playing positions will be:-
      Skip – Office Bearer.   3rd – Virtual or Junior.   2nd – Office Bearer.   Lead – Virtual or Junior.
      Skips to decide the Virtual and Junior positions,

3. All players must be RCCC registered by their own club.
4. The 5 stone Free Guard Zone will be in play.
5. All games will be 8 ends or the bell.
6. Ties will be decided by points, shots up, shots then ends.
7. An unregistered player causes the team to be disqualified. The defaulting rink’s opposition will be given 6 penalty shots
and 5 ends, ie a score of 6-0, or the actual game score whichever is the greater.
8. Late arrival will be penalised 1 shot for each 5 minutes up to a maximum of 6 shots. The game is to be started on time.
The non-offending team has the choice to play first or second stones at the first end. After 30 minutes the three handed rule  applies.
9. Three handed rinks. The defaulting rink’s opposition will be given 6 penalty shots. The game is to be played and started
on time.
10. All teams must complete the score cards in full including names & skips’ signatures.
11. Score cards will be collected by the Province representative after the game.