Fun Bonspiel Competition Results and Rules

Monday 8th January, 2024 at 18.00.

Dundee Ice Arena


Team  Score  Versus  Score   Team
Claverhouse 45 v 36 Broughty Ferry 2
Dundee Junior 28 v 31 Braeknowe
Broughty Ferry 1 23 v 47 Lundie & Auchterhouse
Dundee 48 v 39 Panmure


Team                                                Points  Shots up   Shots   Ends   Position

LUNDIE & AUCHTERHOUSE       2          24            47         7              1

DUNDEE                                             2          9              48         8              2

CLAVERHOUSE                                2          9              45         7              3

BRAEKNOWE                                    2          3               31         8             4

DUNDEE JUNIOR                           0          -3              28         8             5

PANMURE                                         0          -9              39         8             6

BROUGHTY FERRY 2                     0          -9              36         7             7

BROUGHTY FERRY 1                     0          -24            23         7             8

After the game all players and spectators are cordially invited to a free buffet and prize giving in the upstairs bar area. 


Please note that the rules have been set to improve the fun part of this competition. This format will encourage draw shots and gentle tap backs with the aim of placing as many stones in the house as possible. Takeouts are not permitted.

1. The scoring system is as follows:-
The stone nearest the tee will count as 4 shots.
All other stones, for both teams, in or touching the house will count as 1 shot for each stone.
(i.e. a maximum score of 11 – 8 if all 16 stones count.)

2. Takeouts are not allowed, either deliberate or accidental. A takeout is defined as any stone/s being removed from the field of play by another stone.

3. The field of play is the area bounded by the side lines, the hog line and the back line. Stones must come to rest, a) not touching the side line, or b) not touching the hog line and c) within or touching the back line.

4. In the case of a takeout all moved stone/s will be replaced as near as possible to their original position/s. The played stone is removed from play.

5. All games will be 8 ends or the bell. 

6. All players must be RCCC registered by their club. An unregistered player causes the opposing team to receive 6 shots added to their score.

7.Three handed rinks must start the game and late arrival will be penalised 1 shot for each 5 minutes up to a maximum of 6 shots.

8. All teams must complete the score cards in full including names & skips’ signatures.

9. Score cards will be collected by the Province representative after the game.

10. The competition’s placing will be decided by points (win=2, draw=1, loss=0), shots up, shots then ends